Thursday, 8 December 2011

Viva a Tacos!!

I've had one of those really productive days in Sao Paulo, shock horror. I'm ignoring the fact I've sat in traffic for 2 hours of it because I've managed to accomplish quite alot...

8am We went to Federal Police in Lapa to apply for Olivia's passport. After our headache last year with our visas I begged tim to use an agent and it ended up being a pretty pleasant visit as far as visits there go. I will do a separate posting on the Brazilian passport process when we actually have it in our hands..

10am Next admin was mine and Sophie's third Hep B vaccinations. We went to Clinivac next to Hosp Sao Luiz this time as it was more convenient. I use to take Sophie to Cedipi but only because it was one
block away from where we use to live in Jardins. It's smaller but has a much cuter play area for kids - though I would just recommend going to which ever one is more convenient.

12pm One month appointment with my doctor before she goes on holiday. Everything is back to normal so don't have to go back and see her again until I'm pregnant again....

1pm Lunch at Hecho en Mexico, a taqueria in itaim that has just opened (rua renato paes de barros, 538).  Since I'm not pregnant anymore I can't really blame cravings but I did go with a pregnant friend... . Unfortunately no fish tacos but we had chicken ones, and rice and beans which were all pretty tasty. It was also really cheap by sao paulo standards; when we got the bill I thought they had divided it for us already but it was only r45 for the two of us. Will someone go and check out the margaritas for me while I can't drink?!?!