Saturday, 28 May 2011

Rong He Noodle Shop

Best chinese noodles I've found so far in Sao Paulo! Rong He are based in Liberdade on Rua da Glória, 622. They make fresh noodles and dumplings there and the stir-fried beef noodles are pretty close to the real thing. I've also had the wonton noodles which were pretty good.

Apparently they are really busy on the weekend so either go early or be prepared to wait.  Give them a call and make sure they are open before you go there (so you're not really disappointed when you turn up and they are closed, like I did last Monday). 

Oooh and I found out they deliver, pretty much anywhere in Central Sao Paulo (Vila Mariana, Jardins, Higienopolis, Itaim...).

Mmmmm... might have to order in tonight!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My little pet hate...

Have you ever received a call from a Brazilian and they ask YOU 'Quem ta falando?' or "Quem e?". When I first got  here, picked up my phone and was asked who I was I use to be so confused - I thought it was one of those trick phonecalls when two calls were made and then put together and no one would be able to work out who was calling who, and why. 

Then I realised it was just a standard greeting on the phone... even if you know who you are calling, and it's 99% most likely that they are the one to answer the phone you still ask the person you called - Who is speaking?

I tried to get an explanation from my Portuguese teacher and she said, people like to check they have called the right number but I still don't understand why you wouldn't ask "Would I be able to speak to so-and-so?" (sounds much more polite!). I guess this is one of the other Brazilian things I will get use to over time!!

I guess it's a good tip for Brazilians who travel overseas - when you make a phone call, don't just say 'Who are you?' - it would be considered very rude!

Thursday, 19 May 2011 favourite restaurant

I know I have a lot of new favourite restaurants in this city BUT this is a REAL japanese restaurant - bem, bem, bem tradicional.

It's called Sushi Guen, Av. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio 2367 (tel: 3289-5566) in a shopping plaza called Ouro Branco. It's been there since 1974 and run by a Japanese couple. You won't find hot rolls or rodizio there - it's as original as a restaurant as you will find in Japan.

Definitely worth a visit if you are a sushi lover, like me!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Winter in Sao Paulo

What did I envision my life would be like when I moved to Brazil?... NOT COLD!

Yes, there is a winter in Sao Paulo. It's very similar to HK where most houses and apartments don't have any indoor heating and they are actually designed to lose as much heat as possible. So I walk around the apartment in my uggs (which I didn't have last year!) and go to bed in big woolly socks, tucked well under my duvet. My husband has given up taking the piss as he finally gave in the other day and told me he was so freezing (after telling me each morning over the past 2 weeks - there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing...) 

I'm being serious when I say I don't remember feeling this cold in New York (-20 C) or London (0 C) or Dunedin (-5 C). 

I've replaced my evening drinks with a hot cup of tea rather than an icy cold caipi or beer... and I'm going to have to stop typing now as I can barely feel my fingers... : )

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Real Cupcakes in Sao Paulo

My new little baby is Sophie & Theo's Cupcakes. After months of R&E we have managed to replicate a real american cupcake here in Sao Paulo - either importing essential ingredients or finding the perfect substitute. If you're looking for cupcakes for children's parties, weddings or just to treat yourself drop us a line at

Monday, 16 May 2011

An Invitation from the Canadian International Society

The Honourary President of the Canadian International Society, Canadian Consul General Abbie Dann is hosting a charity cocktail evening at the Official Residence next Wednesday, May 25th. 

For further information please email