Between the two of us we have lived in the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. Our move to Brazil signifies our biggest move yet as we embrace a new culture and language with our now 3 year old, and our little Brazilian "anchor-baby" who is almost 1!

I'm a serial entrepreuner and have a few businesses on the side (the other side of looking after 2 kids!). I'm the co-founder of JAM Language where we create apps for learning languages, underground city guides and dirty slang!

I also have a cupcake business, Sophie & Theo's Cupcakes, where we do cupcakes to order. Our cupcakes are authentic American cupcakes (i.e not THAT much sugar and frosting, and not filled with jam or jelly or frutas vermelhas or doce de leite... I guess there's a time and a place for that much sugar in one cupcake!)

If you want to come and check out some cupcakes we will be at the SP Night Market on Sunday 28 October!

I originally set up this blog to document the process of getting our visa but it has turned into posts about any sort of bureaucracy we need to go through (visas, having a baby, passports...) as well as holidays, restaurants and our general life here in Sao Paulo!