Thursday, 13 January 2011

An Italian Sunday afternoon

Tim read about the antiques market on Sundays in Bixiga so we decided to head over for a day with the Italians. We had spent NYE day in this area but town was completely empty and we found only one restaurant opened on Rua Avanhandava which was filled with real italians. The served big portions for sharing which was a perfect lunch for the all of us. Sophie is a big spaghetti fan.

Treze de Maio is about a 20 minute walk from where we are in Jardins, and we are never in a rush when the sun is out. There is a a building that leads down from Rua dos Ingleses (just opposite Rua Holandesa) filled with antique shops. The first one is our favourite with lots of art deco furniture which would look awesome by a poolside, old fridges which have been refurbished, funky lamps. Follow the stairs down and you will come out onto Praca dom Orione where the antique market is held every Sunday. It was a beautiful day and it wasn't crazy crowded (I assume because schools are still on holiday and everyone is still at the beach). Stalls sold all sorts of random things from junk to antiques, to CD's and dismembered dolls parts (random!) and even grass! When we eventually have a permanent home I would love to come down here every month and buy something random for the house!

Nap time was almost over and we found Cantina Roperto on Treze de Maio, 634 which is an old school restaurant with old time waiters. Our lovely man recommended our pasta dish to share - whatever it was we loved it, and Sophie too. Delicioso!! I love the idea, here in Brazil, of sharing lots of big dishes of pasta and meat - you get a taste of everything. Would love to come and do a big birthday dinner down here - comfortable and casual or loud and rowdy if you want (the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu was Rs 125 - most of the other restaurants we go to this is usually the cheapest!) and we could fit everyone in here, whom we've adopted as family. Will certainly be back - for my old record player and bowl of pasta!

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