Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Happy Waitangi Day (for yesterday)

Tom Dwyer, a native kiwi, who has been here for 25 or maybe it was 35 years - basically a long time! - hosted the Waitangi Day drinks at his wife's bar Drosophyla in Consolação. The bar in name started in Belo Horizonte almost 25 years ago and will celebrate 10 years in it's current location this year.

I know it's early days (i've only been there once) but I want to say it's my favourite bar in Sao Paulo! Fabulous hosts, great atmosphere (maybe it was all the kiwis there last night), and the canapes were deeeelicious. 

Tom hosted the Waitangi day drinks last year as well but I don't think I will wait another year before I step into Drosophyla again (most likely next week!).

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