Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Time flies when you're having fun

I don't know where time has gone these past few months. Here's a little of what we have been up to:

  • Travelled to the UK for 2 weeks and my belief that Brazilians are the friendliest people in the world was reinforced...
  • We launched our JAM Brazilian Portuguese flashcards: 99 verbs on Kindle.
  • Set up a small home business with Nicole & Theo selling real american cupcakes - Sophie & Theo's Cupcakes. We have baked for St Paul's International Day, the INC vendor's fair and have 200 easter cupcakes to bake tomorrow for Tots & Teens! Become a facebook fan here!
  • Discovered my new favourite restaurant Oba which has authentic Mexican dishes (and a few Thai ones too!)
  • Attend INC playgroups every Thursday morning with a fab group of mummies and kids
  • Went to our first Kindermusik demo session with Camille Miller who also put on a great gig a few weeks ago for us adults! Her sessions are hopefully going to be on a regular basis on Saturday nights in Jardins at Buchanan's Lounge.
  • Saw this band Ailaika and their glo-in-the-dark hula hoop dancer at Quinta dos Infernos, a private house that opens it's bar downstairs on Thursdays, but not every Thursday.  One of the coolest bars I've found in SP so far.
  • At the last CIS Board meeting we planned the rest of the years events. If you are Canadian, or not Canadian (like me), please feel free to come and join us. Any funds raised go directly to a variety of charities we support.
  • Checked out Arte da Vila in Vila Madalena this weekend just gone and ended the day with our adopted Brazilian family at Boteca de Cesinah (Rua Delfina). It was our one year anniversary to the day of 'meeting' Vila Madalena. We visited it for the first time last year during the same art festival and we miss living there so much!
  • Sat in traffic on the way back from 25 de Marco (stocking up for cupcake stuff) and watched 2 ladies washing their clothes on the street and some guys working out in an outdoor gym caged with chicken wire, and under a highway. It really made me thankful for everything I have.
  • One of my best mates is heading out here for 2 weeks from Hong Kong and I can't wait to show her around!


  1. Seriously?? I've been here 9 months and haven't accomplished near as much. Though I have been to Oba. Congratulations! Glad to know I can get some cupcakes American style here in Sao Paulo. (I would have gone to INC vendor day had I known...)

    Born Again Brazilian

  2. Afraid the next INC vendors fair is not until later this year but hopefully we'll meet sooner. Do you go to any of the INC lunches?