Friday, 17 June 2011

Las Chicas

Lovely brunch / lunch place I'd love to recommend. Went there yesterday for lunch with some girlfriends, had a cheeky glass of wine and their buffet lunch which was absolutely delicious. Big lovely salads, chicken xadrex and the best cheesecake (dessert) I've had so far (obviously aside from my cupcakes!!).

I also saw on their menu that they do eggs for brunch too so will have to head back there on the weekend to try. The only problem is that it's tiny! Because it's so small I can't imagine it's the best place to take Sophie  (but that's all relative, as everywhere here is childfriendly...) but I can imagine it's aboslutely packed on the weekend.

Las Chicas, Oscar Friere 1607, Pinheiros (north side of Reboucas). They are open from 9am.

*on a side note, we went to Pain et Chocolate in Moema for supposedly the best breakfast last weekend and it is so average. The only thing that was 'NY brunch' about it was the 1 hour waiting time!!

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