Friday, 23 September 2011


I grew up in Hong Kong. I like to shop... quite a bit. But Oscar Friere and the shopping malls just don't do it for me. Tim has bred in me, being the English-man that he is, how to take pleasure in scouring through antique and vintage shops.

I was forwarded an email inviting me to the sale of someone's entire house, run by Meredith Promoções. I wasnt' sure what to expect but it was walking distance and there are a few things we are looking for, like an old record player for all the records we buy in the markets but can't play! Unfortunately, that had gone but I did pick some random pieces - an old clock, radio, a sugar pot and an old English-Portuguese dictionary all for R40-. 

Next Friday there is a sale in Higienopolis - please leave the record player if you see it!!!

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