Thursday, 10 November 2011

2nd Hand Sale

I miss my ebay, gumtree and craigslist here. Mercadolibre is not the same! The INC runs a facebook page where the members are quite active and they have set up a separate facebook page for selling second-hand goods here in Sao Paulo. Once they get it up and running will definitely be worth logging on and having a look. There are always expats leaving, children sales etc.

Our little brasileira arrived last week but will post next week, once we have moved house this weekend. Nothing like doing it all in the same week!!

Hi folks,
I would like to inform you about our Facebook group called 2ndSALE_the group and 2ndSALE page.
We've created it as a virtual garage sale, a place to post all your good stuff you need to sell or you don't want it anymore.
We've worked with INC doing the bazaars and now we have this private group where we have friends from INC and non-INC members, who are having fun posting. We are trying to make 2nd stuff popular cause in Brazil this is a cultural issue. Now with all the sustainableprograms and recycling work maybe people will start to pay more attention on great opportunities like this! :)
Feel free to invite your close friends to participate too. Most people are Sao Paulo based so it makes easier to sell and buy being here. but it does not stop anything. If you are not in Facebook you can send us your stuff with light pictures and contact info and we can post it for you.
We have an e-mail  if you want to ask about the sales or send us more info & etc please feel free.
our best,
2ndSALE team.


  1. Hello thanks for your post. I didn't find the INC facebook page do you have a link ?
    Thanks a lot

  2. I think you need to be a member to access the INC fb page. Send them a request and double check but definitely worth it for the source of information!
    International Newcomers' Club of São Paulo