Saturday, 24 March 2012

Watch out for the blondies!

A friend of a friend was robbed the other week in Shopping Iguatemi. She was at valet parking waiting for her car and a well dressed, good looking man started chatting to her (or chatting her up) but this was not just harmless flirting... After 5 minutes he pulled out a gun and asked for her purse, watch and jewellery without the valet guys even noticing! They had all assumed he was a (special) friend of hers since they had been speaking. Lesson learnt.

Lesson no. 1 :Don't speak to good looking men.

I was then sent this article last week: Brazil police hunt 'blonde kidnap gang' in Sao Paulo. This band of blondies take it upon themselves to relieve wealthy women of their new purchases, and hold them in their cars while the others go and use their credit cards. Since they are women there is no doubt that they are the credit card owner; a little bit sexist if you ask me, as they've already proved that women can be robbers too, not just men! Apparently one of these women is from Curitiba, married with kids, but comes up to Sao Paulo occasionally for a girly weekend and a spot of crime. I should offer my services too so the group can target all the "Orientals" in town - I mean, it's not fair that blondes get to have all the fun!

Lesson no. 2: Don't speak to pretty blondes.

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