Monday, 5 November 2012

For the fish lover in you

I have found a peixeiria in the Mercado de Pinheiros that delivers fresh fish! I usually only buy fresh fish if I am hear Mercado Municipal or at the Vila Madalena feira and therefore don't get to eat it often, unless it's sushi. I hate buying the frozen fish here and the fish at the supermarkets look so sad!

Anyhow, I have used this place half a dozen times already and think it's fantstic quality. Last Thursday I ordered

1 kg of salmon, skinned and filleted (4 pieces)
1 kg of badejo already cut in chunks
2 tuna steaks which he individually packaged and are sitting in my freezer
8 large pink prawns (or shrimps, depending on where you're from) that had been shelled

Total was R180 including delivery


forgot to add the link:

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