Sunday, 10 March 2013

If you drink, then drive, you're a bloody idiot

If you were on the ciclofaixa today you would've heard of the 21 year old boy who was cycling to work at 5:30am this morning and hit by a drunk driver. The impact ripped the right arm of the cyclist and the driver sped off with the arm attached to the car still, which he then threw into a small stream. How many caipirinhas do you think he had last night to think that this was a good idea??

The new "lei seca" rules implemented in December seem harsh by Western standards but they don't seem to have stopped drink driving here in Sao Paulo. I know that many different parameters need to be put in place for accidents like this not to happen (better public transport, education, harsher penalties - i.e. go to jail no matter how rich you are, bike lanes). I think there's a great business model for a scooter service here so you can be driven home if you have a sip of wine with dinner. Who's up for it?


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    1. Let's talk about it over some wine!

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    1. Hi Michelle! I've just updated some information on my page Sao Paulo for Children (in the menu up at the top!).

      I would stay in Itaim / Vila Olimpia close to Parque de Povo so you can walk to the park each morning, stop off at a padaria for breakfast, walk to some great restaurants and also get a babysitter for the evening and go out.

      Check out and for apartment / house rentals. Maybe also head to the beach for a long weekend? Rent a car and head up to Juquehy or Paraty?

      Let me know if you need more info! Good luck with your planning!

    2. Dear Jaime
      I took a note of everything ! I loved the kids tips! I got in touch with them maybe we'll join the BabyGym. I'll decide in the follow weeks about the neighbourhood. I got some options in Jardins but I'll def consider Itaim or Olimpia. I'll check it out! I left Brasil in 97 and returned twice since then.. I get a little lost in knowing where to choose. Family and friends are from ABC. wow Paraty.. We were thinking to rent a car from Rio and follow the costa verde till Sao Paulo. let's see! Maybe we can have a tea with the delicious sophie & theo's cupcakes while my stay in Sampa ah?
      Thank you for the help!

    3. Yes definitely! beijos

  3. Yes there is definitely stuff for you to do here with your 2 year old, maybe not as exciting as London.. I'l post in the next couple of days for you, beijos