Saturday, 19 April 2014

Brazilian Kids Parties

So we actually haven't started the whole circle of Brazilian kids parties. Our girls go to a little local escolinha which is very low key (why we like it) as well as just being around the corner  from where we live. We've done parties at home the last few years which have been chaotic but lots of fun and cheaper than a Buffet which can set you back R4.000k for the bare minimum i.e. just space rental not including the food, drinks and entertainment you want to add on the top of it. In practical terms it makes sense, Brazilian families are generally large and it is custom to invite everyone you know and potentially know and not everyone's apartments / houses can accommodate.

Yesterday we had our first Brazilian event "A Perfect day for Babies" hosted by some local celebs and Sophie & Theo's Cupcakes was "tropicalizad* and it was beautiful! Some of the tables were just incredible - not like any 5 year olds party I've ever been too!

Just google "Buffet Infantil" to find what's available in your neighbourhood.

Photos from Facebook page "A Perfect Day for Babies"

*Brazilian-ified, something that is made to suit Brazilian customs, tastes, lifestyle

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