Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Pizza for lunch in São Paulo

If you haven't noticed already pizza is a Paulistano institution here - they claim it as their own, and that their pizza is the best in the world. Better than New York and even better than the Italians! I, myself, have come to love Brazilian style pizza - after I insist on a tomato base, with their catupiry (ok just a little) and thin bases.

The tradition here in São Paulo is that you eat pizza only for Sunday dinner! Ridiculous right? Who doesn't like leftover pizza for breakfast anytime of the week? There was a time when I was heavily pregnant searching for an open pizza restaurant on a Sunday at 1pm. NADA. But things have changed since then and I have found one great pizza place opened for lunch on weekends.

Maremonti is locted in Jardins and also serves other dishes. They might give you a strange look if you are ordering pizza outside of Sunday evening but it is still on the menu! I take the girls there early lunch hour when it's not so busy and they can eat pizza, and busy themselves playing with pizza dough. And the pizza is good!

Pizzaria Braz - we usually order from then online using the app ifood but they also have multiple restaurants (none open for lunch though).

A Pizzaria - my new favourite pizza find in Morumi (Real Parque). It's small but has great ambience on a Sunday night with lots of neighbourhood families there, and the pizza is good!

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