Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Live update blog, this one. Am stuck in traffic and trying to decide whether to attempt the 'bus hopping' trick that worked a treat last week. What happened then was that heavy rain had knocked out all of the traffic lights with predictable consequences to the flow of traffic. Bus-hopping literally involves getting off the bus and walking its route until you are past the blockage. Last week I overtook the four previous buses that had been furrowing the same route and got on the next one past the blockage, quite satisfying. When the traffic stops here, it literally stops, I have no idea how long i would have been on that bus but I would expect a good couple of hours. The worst road on my commute is definately Juscelino Kubitshek and after we move house next week, I never want to see this road again. Shame because we found a restaurant (Camelo's) that serves fantastic pizza (and having lived in Brooklyn I feel I can comment) , a few good bars, and several large office towers containing firms I probably need to get to know in order to execute my job..

Anyhow, part two of this todays tale is that I did try the bus-hop, but I left it way, way too late. I actually didnt think it was worth it but all of sudden could not stand to be on the bus anymore. It was one of those gridlocks where each greenlight, one or two of the vehicles in front could filter into the joining street (Santa Amaro). Last week i made my decision early and it paid off, this week I got off having already sat in the jam for 40 mins. The plus side was that I got some exersize, sprinting to join the same bus at the next stop.

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