Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Winter in Sao Paulo

What did I envision my life would be like when I moved to Brazil?... NOT COLD!

Yes, there is a winter in Sao Paulo. It's very similar to HK where most houses and apartments don't have any indoor heating and they are actually designed to lose as much heat as possible. So I walk around the apartment in my uggs (which I didn't have last year!) and go to bed in big woolly socks, tucked well under my duvet. My husband has given up taking the piss as he finally gave in the other day and told me he was so freezing (after telling me each morning over the past 2 weeks - there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing...) 

I'm being serious when I say I don't remember feeling this cold in New York (-20 C) or London (0 C) or Dunedin (-5 C). 

I've replaced my evening drinks with a hot cup of tea rather than an icy cold caipi or beer... and I'm going to have to stop typing now as I can barely feel my fingers... : )

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  1. and São Paulo is not even the coldest capital in Brazil. Try living in Porto Alegre or Curitiba