Saturday, 28 May 2011

Rong He Noodle Shop

Best chinese noodles I've found so far in Sao Paulo! Rong He are based in Liberdade on Rua da Glória, 622. They make fresh noodles and dumplings there and the stir-fried beef noodles are pretty close to the real thing. I've also had the wonton noodles which were pretty good.

Apparently they are really busy on the weekend so either go early or be prepared to wait.  Give them a call and make sure they are open before you go there (so you're not really disappointed when you turn up and they are closed, like I did last Monday). 

Oooh and I found out they deliver, pretty much anywhere in Central Sao Paulo (Vila Mariana, Jardins, Higienopolis, Itaim...).

Mmmmm... might have to order in tonight!


  1. Just curious!
    How are they not quite the real thing and just "close to the real thing"?



  2. awesome I have been craving good chinese food. I bought pastel wrappers at the store the other day and steamed me some dimsum, but it's a lotta work and I'm lazy ;) Thanks for the tip!!

  3. haha - OK yes they are technically REAL noodles!

    You can buy frozen dumplings so you can stay lazy and eat dumplings to your heart's content : )

  4. Ah, Ok, got it! :)
    Thanks, I am not a noodle expert, but love to eat it and have already spread the word.
    My brother and his wife are super curious to visit this restaurant and I will definitely go when I visit Sao Paulo again.
    Thanks for the tip.