Monday, 9 March 2015

Fruit and Vegetable markets in São Paulo

When we lived in Jardins we had a fresh fruit and vege market, "feira" literally on our doorstep. I always prefer buying from the feiras than a supermarket, the experience is so much more fun. My favourite market is on Saturdays in Vila Madalena on Mourato Coelho. Things can be more expensive than some of supermarkets but I love being able to pick out my own fruits (or ask the vendors to pick fruit out for me), and try lots of exotic fruits. I've also been meaning to check out CEASA* which is a big market in Pinheiros. It has a flower market on Tuesday and Friday mornings and the rest of the week it's a giant feira - apparently very good for fresh fish. I will try and visit in the next couple of weeks, now that I can drive there!

An update (09/03/2015)
*CEASA is located on the Marginal just past Parque Vila Lobos in Pinheiros. It is one of my favourite places to take the girls early morning on Saturday or Sunday. It is enormous! You can find the trolley queue and leave an ID with them in exchange for a trolley, pop your kids in and go have a palmito pastel with a fresh coconut, eat watermelon or mangoes from the hands of the fruit sellers, let the kids pick bright red tomatoes or the crunchiest cucumbers. They also have the best chilli stand - you can buy jalapenos, hot red malaguetas as well as Bhut jolokia - the spiciest chilli in the world!

If you are looking for a market near you, check this link here.


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