Monday, 30 March 2015

A little bit of charity... Canadian International Society

I have a very soft spot for the Canadian International Society here in São Paulo and the projects that they support. I started working with them on their Board when I first arrived 5 years ago and it was a great way to meet people, keep myself busy and start to integrate not only into the expat community but the broad group of Brazilians that had been a part of the CIS for almost 50 years! Unfortunately this year many members of their Board are leaving or can't volunteer anymore, so if you are looking for something to be passionate about and keep yourself busy then please contact them!  *No, you don't have to be Canadian or Brazilian!! 

Please take a moment to donate to one of their crowd-funding projects! See details below x

Project Dentinhos Brilhantes

They say a smile is worth a thousand words. Since 2004, the Casa São José has been operating the project “Dentinhos Brilhantes”, providing dental hygiene and education to children and adolescents in the Jardim São Luis neighborhood. Now we need your help to keep this vital program going and to continue bring brilliant smiles to the children of this community.

If you have four minutes, please watch the video to learn more about this project: The Canadian International Society (CIS) together with the organization Juntocomvces have launched this crowd funding project to raise $R6000 to help fund the Dentinhos Brilhantes project for another 6 months. 

Please help! Make a pledge now. Just pick a donation level in the right hand column and click to donate - it only takes a minute:

This is a great opportunity to part of a worthwhile cause. The Casa São José dental program has helped inumerous children and adolescents since the inception of the program. Every dollar pledged makes an impact. A pledge of any amount will make the difference in enabling the program to continue.

This is all or nothing campaign, which means we need to hit our goal or the program won´t get any money.

Please share this link:

Help spread the word - The success of this campaign depends on getting the word out as widely as possible. Even if you can´t make a pledge, please support us by sharing the above link with your friends via email, Facebook, twitter etc.

Let´s help make the smiles of the children in the Jardim São Luis neighborhood continue to shine bright. Thank you so much for your support.

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