Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Brazilian passport for you baby: Doing it yourself

I wrote a previous post about getting a brazilian passport for your Brazilian born baby. I cheated and used our fabulous agent Renata; honestly the last thing I wanted to do after just giving birth was going to Policia Federal again!

But now that I've had time to do it myself (the first passport expires after 1 year), the process is pretty simple (compared to other types of paperwork here...).

1. Fill in online form (click on the words: emissão do passaporte)
2. Once filled you will print off the Protocolo and it will also have a payment slip with a barcode
3. Pay for it at any bank R156,07 and make sure you keep the payment receipt
4. You do not need to make an appointment. With your baby you have prioridade so can just turn up and walk to the front of the line. I went to Shopping Ibirapuera, Piso Moema to the PEP (with Starbucks on your right walk ahead and turn right, think it's behind the Oi shop?). There is also a PEP Passport Application center in Shopping El Dorado.
5. They will check all your documents and you submit the application.
6. Passport is ready for you to pick up in 1 week. 

If you need the passport faster then I think there is a way to do it through the Policia Federal in Lapa.... ask Renata

Make sure you bring your own passport, RNE (or Protocolo), CPF. 
Make sure you bring babies birth certificate, RG, any previous passports, passport photo (5x7)
Make sure you bring Protocolo (application), payment slip.
If your spouse cannot go with you, you need to bring an authorisation letter which I have attached below. This has to be filled in and the signature must be cartorised. If you havent' done already then it's a good opportunity for you to register your signature with your local Cartorio.