Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Delicari icecream and yoghurt

If you've been living in Sao Paulo over the last few years you will have noticed the rise and fall of frozen yoghurt shops. In their place, delicacy icecream shops have taken over!

My new favourite is Delicari, open by a fellow kiwi here (dono of the Leitissimo long-life brand - which you have to buy over any others, firstly because the milk comes from cows that live happily in fields and eat grass (look at the website, you want to take one of these cows home right?), and secondly, the packaging is super cute! I only use this milk for my cupcakes).

Delicari is all-natural (no added crap- sugar, additives, colouring) and everything is made on site. I had already tasted the icecream (polynesian vanilla is a firm favourite already in our household, just waiting for them to bring the NZ classic hokey pokey over) but had to go and try their new greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt has arrived in the supermarkets here but it tastes awful. I think they add half whatever (they don't use milk apparently, some coconut subsitute) and sugar to get the yoghurt to culture whereas here at Delicari they let the yoghurt culture naturally.

So if you are a greek yoghurt freak then this is the only place to come and get it (aside from making it yourself). 3.75 reais for a pot of natural greek yoghurt.

R. Lourenço de Almeida, 819 - Vila Nova Conceição - Sul. Telefone: 3044-2624.

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