Sunday, 12 May 2013

Stephanie Cirihal

I wrote last year about how important it is to come with an open mind when you move to Brazil, or to any city for that matter. Things are different, difficult and you are away from all things that you love and know. This is exhilirating for some and just awful for others.

I do have my down moments. Just yesterday I cried talking about how my parents won't get too see my daughters grow up - but it was shortlived, this is a choice I have made and I want to be here. For me, living life, living this adventure is what I choose.

I understand that this option to choose for others is not always available. I read Stephanie's brutally honest blog, and I love it not because I can understand but it helps ME to understand. To not be so flippant or arrogant when people struggle to love to live here, or just to live here. It's so easy to say to someone, just go home! (I think I wrote that in a different post...). She reposted an archived blog the other day on feeling at home where ever you are and how important it is to see agitation as a temporary state. 

If you are reading this blog because you are about to move to Sampa, I say do it. Are you going to hate it? Maybe. Will you survive? Of course. Will you regret it?....

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