Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Car for sale - Meriva 1.8 MAXX

I'm just in the middle of writing a blog about security and safety here in Sao Paulo. It's one of our (expat) primary concerns moving to Sao Paulo but life in this city does not have to be in a glass castle. You can live a relatively "normal' life if you choose. I've heard Brazilians advise newcomers to not even walk on the streets here...

Our rule here on safety is being inconspicuous. If you are walking on the street, dress down, don't wear your watch or jewellery, dont' speak english out loud, don't carry your iphone in your hand. The same goes for the car we drive, I put a few scratches on it whilst learning to drive in this city (I'm embarrassed to say the "accidents" were with non-moving objects) but I honestly can say I would feel safer in this car than a bullet-proofed Range Rover in this city.

For Sale:
Meriva 1.8 MAXX
91,000 KM, Black, two owners since new and in very good condition. New tyres recently fitted, as well as new shock absorbers and clutch. It is the favored car of Taxi drivers and probably the most 'low profile' vehicle to use in Sao Paulo. The bodywork is in very good shape, though the wheels have some scratches.

Available for R$21,900 (FIPE valuation is R$ 22.599,00 Average Price of equivalent cars on Webmotors is R$ 23.495,76)

Please email tjchamberlain@gmail.com

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