Monday, 5 August 2013

It's a vicious circle!

I believe in being positive, and that creating positive energy brings you good things in life and when you put out negative energy into the universe, it comes straight back at you.

I hired an Assistant for my cupcake business a few months ago who I like alot and is really clued-on. I think she has great energy and is also very keen to learn. Today she didn't turn up for work, and after several missed phone calls from me, texted me back 2 hours later to tell me she had to go to a "Forum" as she had a problem with a cheque she had been issued. I was so mad, and it's a Monday morning as well, so I spent all morning formulating in Portuguese what I was going to say. I'm a pretty confrontational person (I found out after I left Asia my ex-colleagues use to call me Chairman Mao... ) but it's hard to be angry in Portuguese: all the words I know are happy ones! Otímo! Incrivél! Que bom! Que coisa! Adorei!!

I think she was pretty horrified (Are Brazilians ever angry in the office?). I told her I was her boss, not her friend. She should run her errands outside of work hours. I hate last minute changes, and I really hate being angry. I just don't understand why she would decide to tell me 2 hours after the fact rather than last Friday afternoon when she found out. She doesn't know either.

SO a giant cockroach paid me a visit tonight. I've posted before how much I hate them, they bring me to tears (and a pack of cigarettes.....). My two daughters watched me disintegrate, crying, this evening as I ran after this cockroach and emptied an entire can of spray. They laughed and clapped with glee as it curled up and died. Nice.

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  1. Learning the happy words in Portuguese is very easy! I have the same issue...I seem to know how to express everything in positive terms, yet when it comes to saying something negatively I get completely lost and stumble. I find that Brazilians are generally happy...