Monday, 29 July 2013

Meet the new Canadian Consul General, Mr Stéphane Larue

This event was postponed and will now be on Wednesday 31st July at O GastroArte, Itaim. 

I've blogged about the Canadian International Society before. I volunteered on the Board when I first arrived (commonwealth link, and they just accept everyone!). They support one of my favourite charities here, Casa dos Idosos, managed by Irma Natalina. They take the elderly off the street, or people that can't look after themselves anymore and don't have family,  and into the home and look after them. I have a real soft spot for old people. We're all going to be old one day! They have bed space for about 70 elderly (idosos), men and women. The CIS hosts events to raise money for various basic needs from bedsheets, to health care to the simple things in life, like soap.

SP Night Connect is organising an event with CIS next Wednesday 19th June, a chance to meet the new Consul General of Canada, Mr Stéphane Larue. All proceeds go to CIS charities including Casa dos Idosos. Find out more information and purchase here. Canadians and Canadian-lovers are all welcome!!

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