Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Contemporary Art Exhibition: Children's Literature

I am in the thick of setting up my first point of sales for my Cupcake business in a Shopping Mall. As you can imagine, surprise last minute documents are required on a daily basis. I will blog about the process later..

So one of the documents I needed was a "Consulta" which after a heated (frustrated) discussion I worked out was a document that said my name was clean of fines, wrongdoings and jailtime. I also needed to get it for my Company. I was frustrated because a "Consulta" to me is a consultation, like one you arrange with your Doctor... not a piece of paper.

The office was downtown Centro, a walk through Praça de Se (alot of the homeless seem to be away on holiday as well), and a short queue. I had to take all my documents (I now know to just take everything - passport, RNE, drivers license, proof of address, CPF - just incase), the queue was short (holiday time) and all the lady at the counter did was put my details in and she just said, your record or clean (or something to that effect) and didn't give me a document because only people with a record get a printed piece of paper. So now I'm going to wait for the Shopping (Shopping is a noun and not a verb in Portuguese) to ask for the Consulta, which IS just a check-in, and not a document.

So after my 5 minutes getting my non-existent Consulta I walked back to the Metro and saw a banner for MACLI: Mostra de Arte Contemporânea em Literatura Infantil in the Caixa Building. Loved. I'm not a Contemporary Art fan... but the curator has bought together some great pieces. So if you are ever hanging out in Praça de Sê (Cathedral Sê) then definitely pop in - it's free entry and on until February 14th.

Some of my favourites:

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