Tuesday, 7 January 2014

São Paulo Parks

Discovering São Paulo parks one at a time! We checked out another little park near us called Parque Previdencia which has a medium sized field with trees (shade), and play areas for kids (swings in the shade, bonus!).

There is also a little preserved part of the Mata Atlantica which has a trail running through it. We were able to tie our dog up on the inside (but the outside of the green) while the girls played in the park, and take him for a walk on his leash on the shaded trail with our daughters. It was a great little adventure, and you really felt like you were going on a hike far away from the city (unless we found ourselves on a path alongside Raposo with cars zooming by).

If you're looking for something to do with the kids while they are off from school, check out one of the 32 parks in São Paulo - and make the most of travelling around this city this month (with half the cars / traffic!). Note that rodizio starts again this Friday 10th January

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