Friday, 7 February 2014

Brazil States in English

The names of Brazilian states directly translated into English!


  1. I'm brazilian and I had no idea about the meaning of some states' names, derived from Tupi-Guarani's (two ethnic group of brazilian amerindians) languages....Goiás(People from Guaiá), Acre(Green River), Pará (Sea), Piauí (Piaba Fish River), Roráima and Rondônia( top northest), even Ceará (Green Waters)!! Thanks for that!

  2. I showed this to my Brazilian boyfriend and he always wondered what some of the states names were. We both really enjoyed this a lot. "Bad for Navigation" is my favorite. So glad I came across your blog! It's already been very useful and informative! Obrigada!

    Aubry |