Friday, 7 February 2014

Women's Closet Sale

*The Closet Sale Continues!! If you missed out on the Sale yesterday there will be an extra day of selling tomorrow, Tuesday 11th Feb from 10am - 2pm. Please send an email to to confirm your presence, and receive the address. 

As a gringa, I do very little shopping here in Sao Paulo. There are some great things but the prices can be absurd, especially imported things that you know cost only a fraction of the price back home. My favourite shop is Oslken, being a local brand and innovative in their design but their shop is actually cheaper in New York than here in São Paulo!

This Sunday is the first ever SPNM Closet Sale, where handpicked sellers have cleared out their wardrobes to sell anonymously. The sale is semi-private, the address will be sent once you have rsvp'd ( There are lots of fabulous items, alot that are brand new or only worn once, for sale ranging from R10 (our charity box) to R400!

Our nominated charity is Madre Teodoro Casa dos Idosos, in partnership with the Canadian International Society. 

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