Tuesday, 24 April 2012

He was lost but now he is found!

That was one of the most stressful days of my life - even more stressful than going to the Policia Federal 5 times!!

Our doggy George and his friend Zoey escaped out of the gate on Sunday afternoon without us noticing until we came back from lunch 3 hours later... It's one thing losing your own dog, but to lose someone elses' dog is a complete nightmare! We all scoured the streets that evening but Tim had to fly out for a work trip, just to add to the stress. 

Neither of the dogs had a tag - we had one with an old phone number on it - so we decided to print some posters and plaster them around the neighbourhood the next morning. Our hope was that someone had taken them in to look after them. USP is known for where people dump their dogs, and the police pick them up but our doggies weren't there at the main police academy. We spent the morning walking 10x 10 blocks around where we live talking to everyone, and putting up pictures. Good places to put up signs are padarias, supermarkets, bus stops, despachantes, newspaper stands, loterias, pet shops.. I even handed them to the homeless and the "garotas". If anything, from this experience, I've gotten to know everyone much better (and now everyone knows George too!).

I also  had a massive portuguese fail when the guy at a local restaurant thought I was trying to order 2 hotdogs... perdeu dois cachorros / pedir dois cachorros (hotdogs). Starting my portuguese lessons again this week....

It wasn't until that afternoon that we got a call to say that the dogs were found... 2 blocks from our house at a garage. They had obviously tired of their little escapade / honeymoon but didn't know how to get home. After 24 hours of worrying about these dogs, I just burst into tears. I was never a dog person before but now I know how much I love this silly dog!!! So now I'm one of those dog people. 

The advice I've been given is to get a tag with more than one contact number without his name so he can't respond to strangers. Well to be honest, he doesn't really respond to his name with us and there is going to be no chance of him ever getting out of the gate again cos i'm going to chain him to a tree first!!

For all those doggy lovers in SP. this little guy is looking for a loving home.  His name is Pudim and he is 3 years old... house broken and all.  His current mommy recently had a baby and decided to put him up "for adoption".  If you are interested, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the lady who is helping him find a home.

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