Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sushi & Truffles, Empanadas & Ceviches & more curry

I've had a treat with food over the past couple of weeks and haven't managed to catch up on blogging about each one..

Huto is a japanese restaurant located Av Jandira, 677 Moema. After lychee-sakerinhas to start, we ordered the chef's menu  plus a few options from the menu that sounded to good to miss out on. The food is in the same vein as Aizome but the experience in Aizome is much more traditional and serious. Beautifully plated dishes - alot of it with truffle oil, yum (so don't go if you don't like truffle oil). Even the chawanmushi came with truffle oil. I would recommend this restaurant as a treat; definitely one of the higher-end japanese restaurants in the area but in this city there are too many to choose from... It cost R180 per person and I think the degustacao was R120, but there were different variants of it.

El Guaton, a chilean restaurant. This was a last minute lunch the other weekend. It's a chilean hole-in-the-wall located on Rua Artur de Azevedo 966 in Pinheiros. The car park is a derelict building next door to it. It has so much character (some charm) I imagine you feel like you are in Chile  (though I've only ever been through the airport in Santiago). For you fish lovers, they have seafood empanadas - prawns and cheese, clams, fish. They are delicious and a sizeable starter. The portions of white fish ceviche were definitely enough to share between 2 people, depending on how much you like ceviche. If I was on my own I could've done one portion and I guess we almost did, having ordered 3 portions for 4 adults. The other adult and the kids (Brazilian) wanted picanha and chips, which again was a decent sized portion and could've been shared between 2-3 adults. It worked out to R70 per person but think it would've been even cheaper if we had all eaten ceviche, or all eaten picanha. There seems to be always a queue when I go by on the weekends so get there early (13h is a normal lunchtime for non-Brazilians, early for brazilians).

Govinda on Rua Princesa Isabel, 379 near Shopping Morumbi. I love curry. If you follow my blog you will see I've checked out a few of the other indian restaurants (Tandoor, Sabores da India, Delhi Palace, Madhu)*. Govinda is a big restaurant with a shop as well, and private rooms (maybe a bollywood themed birthday party for Sophie this year?). We were there for lunch we were one of 2 tables in there. The food is really god - no butter chicken swimming in campbell's tomato soup. They had all of the standard curry dishes (we had murgh makhani, keema naan, dal, samosas, pilau rice, aloo gobi), and some of them had a proper kick to them. But there were no poppadoms - two big thumbs down for that. I've actually been cooking alot of indian myself as I bought back all the spices on one of my last trips but it's pretty time consuming. Between the 4 of us it worked out to R60 each.

*As I wrote that list I thought, wow, there are way more Indian restaurants here than you think there are considering there only a handful of expats that like curry here.

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