Monday, 23 April 2012

Lost dog in Butanta

George is 10 months old

What a nightmare! We have lost our dog George and our friend's dog, Zoey, who've been looking after. We were unloading some stuff from a truck and the gates were opened, and we watched on the security cameras after, both dogs making a dash for freedom without us noticing : (. It's one thing losing your own dog but losing a dog owned by 6 years olds is particularly awful. I think for now they think Zoey is on an extended holiday with us.

George is a 10 month old black lab with a limp and is really scared of cars and big roads. Zoey is a 9 month old beige lab and is full of energy. By the time we got back from lunch they had been missing for 3 hours (and my husband was about to fly out for a business trip, worst timing ever).

We are putting up lots of lost posters around Butanta but think they could've made it over to Cidade Jardim or Morumbi if they haven't been picked up by a kind stranger. Neither of them have tags or contact details on them so just trying to get the message out.

If you lose a dog there are are a number of websites to register or check:
and a facebook group called caes e gatos desaparecidos

If you live in any of these areas please keep an eye out for them!!!!

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