Sunday, 20 January 2013

Anthony Bourdain - Layover Sao Paulo

We like to meet randoms and we pick them up everywhere. Husband was on his way back from a week work trip to New York last Saturday morning.  Text conversation goes something like this:

Husband: Just at immigration, bringing home a random
Me: A random what? Person?
Husband: yes, person
Me: OK
Husband: His friend didn't pick him up
Me: OK..
Husband: He's a chef from Brooklyn
Me: Awesome, is he cooking me breakfast!!

Of course I'm excited to have another foodie in the house but he hadn't read up on any of the food or restaurants here! He hadn't been planning on spending many days in Sao Paulo but I slowly changed his mind that he would need at least a week to eat his way through this city.

So not everyone is going to have a personal guided tour around the market by Alex Atala of D.O.M, or sit down for lunch with Rodrigo Oliveira from Mocotó or get to stay at Hotel Unique but it's a worthwhile watch by Bourdain, even if you're not a fan and especially if you have friends or family (or yourself even) who have no interest in actually visiting / living in this city. Here are some of my add-on's and there will always be more to add to this list:

- Embu das Artes, a little cobblestoned town about 45 minutes drive from the city with a weekend market and furniture
- Palmito pastels (forget the salted cod!)
- Brunch at the Sao Bento Monastery if you can time it as it's only once a month and you need to book in advance
- Samba club rehearsal weeks leading up to carnaval, most clubs run on a Thursday and Sunday evening
- Agree with lunch or dinner at Mocoto, you're more likely not to die of starvation waiting if you go on a weeknight
- A beer with Cesinha in Vila Madalena of course!

The show gives you a great ticklist of things to do with visitors, though maybe have a quiet night in instead of taking your parents to a Love Motel...

And just for laughs, 'An Idiot's Guide Abroad" Brazil version always gives me the giggles. Here's a short version:

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