Thursday, 24 January 2013

Carnaval in Sao Paulo!

Who said Sao Paulo is dead in January? Just weeks away to Carnaval means that the blocos and samba school rehearsals are already in full swing and there is a host of networking events already booked in the diary.

Sao Paulo's Birthday tomorrow - check out ways to celebrate on Time Out Sao Paulo, Chefs da Rua is our choice!
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays are Samba School practices leading up to Carnaval. Vai Vai in Bela Vista, Perola Negra in Vila Madalena and the infamous Rosas de Ouro out on the Marginal do Tiête
Wednesday 30th January - Canadian International Society Pre-Carnaval drinks at Menys, Pinheiros (you don't have to be Canadian!), all proceeds go to a great cause
Thursday 31st January - Internations
Wednesday 6th February - SP Night Social, networking event in Vila Madalena

A group of friends are going to desfile at the SamBAdromo (heavy accent on that "BA") next Friday night with Escola Vai Vai and this is the costume, hysterical! We did it two years ago with Escola Tom Maior and it was a great experience but once is enough.... To participate with Vai Vai in this costume costs R550 (it's not much cheaper to just go and watch).

If you are looking for the "blocos"= street parties, check this link here, kindly posted on the INC Facebook page.

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