Monday, 28 January 2013

Our prayers and thoughts are with Santa Maria

My clubbing years are far behind me. Having to wake up with 2 small children every morning put a very abrupt end to that but my inner (younger) self is allowed to come out once a year. Last Friday was one of those occasions and ended up in one of the worst clubs I've been to in a while (the band was playing Elvis ... I'm an Elvis lover, but I was expecting something else at 2am). Anyhow, this blog is not about good or bad clubs in Sao Paulo because, honestly, I have too little experience but I remember thinking, why can't the doors open from the inside?? The bouncer on the inside had to knock on the door to get the bouncer on the other side to open the door... my normal self was taking note of the inefficiency of this system. I grew up in Hong Kong - inefficiency is not in my blood. 

So in light of the horrific tragedy in Santa Maria this weekend, I'm going to be that over-bearing, anally retentive motherly type that is going to be taking photos and mental notes of every unsigned Emergency Exit or Exit when I'm in a club, bar, restaurant, school, whatever in this country. Or maybe the next time I'll just stay at home. 

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