Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How to get a driving license in Sao Paulo

More exciting paperwork. We've been holding out on doing our driving licenses until we really, really had to (which was about 18 months ago, 6 months after entering Brazil with our work visas). I considered doing it myself but I've now got to a time in my life where spending unnecessary time in Policia Federal (or now Detran) is not worth it!

Paperwork required

- original driving license from your own country. This must be translated into Portuguese by a certified translator. Please check with your own Consulate to get their list of approved translators.
- original passport
- original RNE protocol
- original sincre
- original proof of residence under your name(kindly note that Detran only accepts as proof of residence bills of water, gas, IPTU or telephone issued up to 90 days before the date we are going to Detran) 
- Simple copy of the proof of residence above
- CPF 
- Simple copy of the CPFs above

Fill out the form here, and make an appointment with Detran and take all the documents listed above with you. Go upstairs to the first floor and you will find a window for Estrangeiros. When we arrived the lady would not accept my UK driving license because I had my new NZ passport which did not have my UK visa in. For a split second I almost cried (the last time was probably at Federal Police), but our agent decided to ignore it. She said that the person upstairs had no way of communicating with the people downstairs (and outside) who processed all your documents, so she just took off the note and threw it away and we continued the process. I would suggest you take all your passports, old and new, if you are in a similar situation.

After you process all your documents, have your photo taken, and your fingerprints you need to go and have your medical and psychological test done. You might think they would want to test your driving. The doctor will check your general health, that you can see, have arms and legs etc, all those essential things for driving. The psychological test  - just do it - don't complain. There are several companies around that do it without needing an appointment. 

It takes a week to process and you can pick up at Detran again. Make certified photocopies to carry around with you, it's not worth losing it!!

I really recommend Renata Laterza who has handled all our paperwork (after we finished our own work visas ourselves...). A good agent is worth every single penny!

RENATA LATERZA Consultancy & Relocation
Rua Texas, 886 - sala 2 - Brooklin
São Paulo - SP - CEP: 04557-001

Tel / Fax: +55 11 2691-8991 (São Paulo)
Cel: +55 11 9 8652-3000

Tel / Fax: +55 19 3397-9750 (Campinas)

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