Friday, 22 July 2011

Baby monkey anyone?

Just had lunch at 7 Molinos on Lorena 1914 (just before Consolação), a cute little French-style bakery with fresh soups and (small) salads. The breads are all freshly baked and delicious; I almost didn't need lunch. Definitely recommended for brunch / lunch though strangely sandwiches were only available after 4pm. 

I wanted to treat myself to a bottle of O&C Balsamic Vinegar which I adore but they were charging R$150. I almost had a heart attack! Luckily one of my friends is heading back to New York next week and offered to pick me up a bottle for US$34, which I would already consider as expensive, and a luxury purchase!

On the way home we stopped off at the Pet Shop as I heard that they had a baby monkey in. I love the little puppies there but also know that they have lots of exotic birds upstairs. They have a toucan (is it not illegal to trade in these beautiful exotic birds???) in a tiny cage. He is absolutely stunning; I hope that someone buys him soon and sets him free. They also have a little baby monkey in there who is adorable - I was laughing to myself, imagining Tim's face if he came home to a new pet monkey! I hope he's not caged up for much too longer either. Someone go buy him please!!!

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  1. he is cute, but very sad, we definitely cant buy him.