Sunday, 29 January 2012

For vegetarians: Banana Verde

I am definitely NOT a vegetarian but I'm open to trying new things, like having an entire meal with no tasty morsels of meat in... I know it's hard to trust someone who doesn't eat meat but for the few vegetarian friends I have, it's testament to their characters : )

Yesterday we went to Banana Verde in Vila Madalana (corner of Rua Harmonia and Rua Madalena) as we had one of these vegetarian friends in our midst. It was seriously delicious. The dishes were really creative (not to scary and new-age). There was a buffet salad bar which included a delicious pumpkin soup, and then you had a choice of a main, plus dessert (a banana-chocolate torte). The set-lunch was r41 which is pretty standard in that part of town and I would happily pay it again to eat platefuls of couscous, bulgur wheat and cauliflower.

There is also a photography exhibition throughout Vila Madalena. There are displays in various restaurants and shops (mainly along Aspicuelta). Definitely worth a stroll when the weather is good like today! It's on until feb 13th.

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