Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I'm single!

I went to 'open my signature / abrir a firma' at the local cartorio so they could authenticate my signature on several documents for our permanent visa application.

Man with very hairy mole on arm : What is your status?
Me: Huh?
Man w/HMOA: Are you married or single?
Me: Married.
Man w/HMOA: Did you get married in Brazil or outside?
Me: Is my husband here in Brazil? yes
Man w/HMOA: No, did you get married here in Brazil?
Me: Ahh no, outside
Man w/HMOA: Ahh you are single! haha
Me: nervous laughter, thinking why is it funny that i'm single!!

*note this was all in portuguese, and this is my interpretation of our conversation. It was a particularly large and very hairy mole. I think he uses it as some distraction when he's asking trick test questions about whether you are married or single.

**Bring everyone form of ID you can think of, plus proof of residence. Also bring a baby or child to get priority and jump to the front of the queue, borrow your friend's child - or if not, a good book to read.

***Find your local cartorio here. Make sure you find one that is most convenient as you will get to know it well, or if your office motoboy will get to know it well.

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