Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Instituto Butantan

We have been going a little stir-crazy being stuck inside with all this rain. Rain or rain, I had to get out of the house and decided to explore Instituto Butantan which is literally on my doorstep. "Butanta, where the f88k is that!", is what most people ask.... We now live on the otherside of the river from Pinheiros / Parque Vila Lobos. The bonus is that we live in a house now and Tim is literally 6 minutes away from work. It's not the prettiest area but we are slowly getting to know it.

Instituto Butantan is the snake venom farm! It's been around for awhile and it sits on the site of an old factory. There are 3 parts to the museum - adults are R6 and kids under 7 are free. There is the Museu Biologico which is filled with snakes, spiders and lizards. Sophie couldn't decide if she was scared or happy - two words she used quite liberally - but I want to take her back regularly, as long as she is more happy than scared! The Museu Historico has old equipment and machinery that they use to use - I like antiques so it was my cup of tea. There were also monkeys but they were all in steel cages and I believe all for testing. We had randomly just watched a Law & Order episode on monkeys being used for testing... if you don't like that sort of thing dont' go and see the monkeys. Didn't make it into the Museu Biologico but we'll go and check it out the next time.

Please don't be expecting the Science Museum in London or the Natural History in NY but if you have nothing else to do this weekend it's definitely worth an hour visit, and there's a small cafe you can stop off for a strong brazilian espresso...

For those of you with children they have activities for 4 year olds up all next week

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