Monday, 17 June 2013

Not just about 20 centavos

*the bus tariff has been dropped back down to R3

I'm sad and excited for this adopted country of mine. I'm excited that people have been propelled into action, calling for the right to be heard. I can hear helicopters circling - almost like a normal day - but I know that thousands of people have joined together to march this evening.  I'm sad because some Brazilians still don't understand. I was speaking to someone on the street today and she said that the protests are ridiculous, it's only 20 centavos and all these people want to do is to cause problems and fight. It's not just about 20 centavos.

I'm sad for myself because I live in such a happy little bubble. The first that I knew something was happening last week is because my maid couldn't come into work. This week I'm sitting here blogging and talking about my feelings.  These are not new issues. They are issues we have discussed many times over dinner tables (with both Braziilans and expats) and the consensus has always been, "It's just the way life is here, it's Brazilian culture, there is no way to change anything...." Well I'm wrong again, this is all about to change.  #changebrazil

This is going on right now! Over 30,000 people are on Faria Lima.

An emotional post on facebook: Moro proximo a Rebouças e Rua Teodoro Sampaio e encontrei centenas de jovens descendo em direção ao Largo da Batata muitos com flores nas mã emocionei..senti orgulho...isto aí Jovens voces tem todo o meu apoio o Futuro pertence a voces...APOIO TOTALMENTE!

In English, I live close to Rebouças and Teodoro sampaio and saw 100's of teenagers descending in the direction of Largo da Batata with lots of flowers in their hands - made me emotional, felt proud - these are the young that have all my support and the future is all yours - totally support!

Check out this for a summary of what's going on here:

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