Monday, 24 June 2013

Specifically about transport

A friend that use to live here, is an avid transport geek... She has been following the protests keenly from overseas. Her blog focuses on public transport in sp, what she use to work with here.

I am currently travelling and it has been interesting to follow from the outside, the news that is available, what other people think - that I'm escaping the violence with my family - and I have to explain otherwise. I know that it sounds so naive, but it really is amazing to see what the 'power of the people' can do. In a country, (and many others, if not everywhere, is the same) where it is all about what family you were born into, what school you went to, who you know, what job you have, where you live.... To be able to cancel that all out by being just a mass of people who are staying strong in their beliefs, and being persistent, voting with (literally) their feet and getting a chance to speak and negotiate with the higher echelons of this government is amazing.What fairer election is there?

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