Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Speeding tickets in Sao Paulo

It took us 2 years to get our driving license sorted and when we finally did my husband found out that he had negative driving points. We thought that our speeding fines were just disappearing into thin air (we paid the fine but didn't realise we were losing points). It was all linked to my husband's CPF ...

So even though the roads are badly planned here, I'm sure they go out of their way to plan their speed traps. You don't even know you have a speeding ticket until you receive the notice in the post. It usually takes about a month as they have people that sit and watch videos of Sao Paulo streets all day long. If I had unlimited wine I could potentially do that... Watch out for speed cameras especially on the way to Guaraju. We've even be ticketed on our quiet street on a Sunday for parking infront of our house. 

If you want to keep track you need to go to http://detran.sp.gov.br/ and create a log in and you will see how many points you have. When you get a speeding ticket you have a finite period of time to transfer these points to someone else. On the first notice you receive you need to fill out the details of the person taking on the points, find a DETRAN office (you will see these dotted around the city). These are the guys that process any DETRAN documents, send a motoboy and return it to you. It cost me R20 at our local DETRAN / motoboy office. 

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