Monday, 29 July 2013

Finally - our RNE cards!!

It was a good day today. The sun is back this week, the girls started school and I picked up our RNE cards 20 months after Olivia was born, 17.5 months after our first application submission...

They expire in September 2021!! The fact that I do not have to process paperwork to live here in Brazil for another 8 years is an amazing feeling!! A friend was just telling me about a fire in their rom while they were on holiday and they didn't care for their ipads, phones or clothes - their passport with a Brazilian visa that took months, if not a year, was what overtook their panic. They willingly risked their lives for!! I think I would run into a burning building for this RNE Permanent ID card...

Thank you Renata!!


  1. Congratulations!! And how did I not know about your blog until now??? You write beautifully and with great humour!! I'm a follower now!!

  2. Haha thanks! Humour is what gets me through : )

  3. Congratulations! I am playing the waiting game for my RNE card. I only applied in looks like I will be waiting for quite sometime!

    1. Well apparently they were ready on the 5th April but we were only notified mid-June, and then we were travelling so only got it now so really it took 14 months... Good luck!