Monday, 8 July 2013

Girls on IT : Women + Entrepreneurship

The next in the series of Girls on IT* evenings bring us here in Sao Paulo,  "Jogo de Damas" founder Deb Xavier. She's going to be talking about her life, and in that process, how Jogo de Damas came about. There will also be a chance for everyone to debate + discuss current examples + issues within the realm of women + entrepreneurs. This is open to women and men!

Deb Xavier is an entrepreneur and Chief Inspiration Officer at Jogo de Damas - a project for female empowerment, professional development and promotion of women entrepreneurship. Deb has lived in Dublin and New York and is passionate about gender, economy, business, communication, technology and cats. She is also the proud mother of Tathiana, a entrepreneur wanna-be."

Chef Julia Pimenta de Carvalho from Picnic Gastronomia  will delight us with a culinary journey of Traditional Brazilian "Country" style cooking during the evening.
You can purchase your tickets online here.

*Girls On It is a global media platform focused on Promoting, Inspiring and Educating aspiring female executives and entrepreneurs in all industries. Our goal is to bring the global community of women and girls together, by highlighting and acknowledging the individuals, organizations, and companies that support them.

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