Friday, 19 July 2013

Insider Guide to São Paulo

CNN has just published their Insider Guide to São Paulo which includes one of our start-ups, SP Night Market. We're very proud to be included alongside some top names like Daslu and Hotel Unique!

CNN Insider Guide to Sao Paulo

Just to add to some of our newly found favourite "secret" spots in town:

Picnic Gastronomia - an oasis in a sea of well, São Paulo. We hosted our last SP Night Connect event here and the food is based around Brazilian country home cooking. Everyone misses a little of mama's cooking. What blew me away was Chef Julia's tapioca starter. I would never choose to eat tapioca, it reminds me of (what I imagine to be) snot BUT she has created a amazing little square of tapioca, covered in sesame seeds and served with a sweet chilli sauce. They also have WIFI.

São Roque - Valley of Wines. I had no idea that there were wineries in São Paulo! About an hour drive into the countryside (just past Embu) is a Roteiro de Vinhos which houses a dozen or so local wineries and restaurants. A great day trip (though don't expect too much of the wine...) for the family but go out of season. June and July are peak season for travelling into the interior.

I love to online shop. I like being efficient. Sonoma - Vinho e Gastronomia have an ever changing selection of delicious, heavily discounted wines. You order online and the wine is delivered in 2 days, if not in 1!

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