Sunday, 30 October 2011


So I've been treated to some pretty good food this weekend! Last night we went to Aizome which Tim had been just recommended as the best japanese restaurant in Sao Paulo. It's only 3 blocks from where we are living so thought we we would take a visiting friend there for dinner las night. We decided last minute so had Sophie with us but she was good the night before sleeping in her buggy and we were hoping for the best again!

Aizome is a little hidden gem - you would never expect it to be there, just off Brigadeiro Luis Antonio... We hadn't booked so we sat at the bar which I enjoy; I love watching the chef preparing the food, particularly a cuisine like sushi; it's like watching an artist paint. He was using chopsticks to place tiny little flowers or a thumbelina-sized portion of seasoning on some delicately (and generously) cut pieces of fresh fish. Sophie fell asleep on her second walk that Tim took her for, thank god!

They only have a desgustacao menu available at R180 per person (our final bill was R220 per person with wine and drinks) and I have to say the food was absolutely exceptional. The scallop was the highlight along with the chocolate souffle. The portions were small but there were quite a few of them and the entire meal was perfectly sized; I didn't feel like a beached whale trying to get off my chair, usually how I feel when I go for rodizio sushi here!

I haven't tried all the japanese restaurants in town so I'm not sure I can give it 'best japanese' label - but it was pretty damn good! Highly recommend!

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