Friday, 7 October 2011

Rugby World Cup in Sao Paulo

Thought I would pay him tribute even though he's not in the WC anymore... 
*OK, so maybe not a Kiwi-England final....

Unfortunately for us here in Sao Paulo the Rugby World Cup games are in the middle of the night. A Kiwi-England Final will be the one I'll pull myself out of bed for (more so to dress Sophie up her in her All Blacks top and wind Tim up!)..

The Quarter-Finals are starting this weekend and Tim has been in a panic as he can't get his VPN to work for tonight's game. I had forgotten about Hotspot Shield *as it stopped working on us a few months ago but I just downloaded it again and hey presto! We've borrowed a friends Sky login so he'll be able to wake up right before the games tonight (wales v ireland at 2am and england v france at 4:30am).

If you are up for actually staying out, or going out at 1am to catch the games, O'Malley's is showing the games live, though god knows what state everyone else will be there who have been drinking there all night!

*Actually he's had to buy another VPN as Hotspot Shield thinks it's in the US so we still can't access skysports

** Some clearer instructions if you are desperate to watch the game but want to just roll out of bed in the middle of the night. Sign up for PureVPN (at least an hour before KO as it takes time for the system to register you) and make sure that when you connect you are connecting to a UK server. Then watch the games live or highlights first thing in the morning on ITV (though they give away the score at the top of the highlight package...)

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