Monday, 3 October 2011

A to-do-list for your Empregada in Portuguese

The INC runs a facebook group which is pretty handy when you are looking for something, or need some advice from other expats. Here's a list that was just posted of things for your empregada to do. I'll post a blog on all the paperwork we've done for our baba in the near future as there are lots of rules / laws to make sure you abide by!

Cleaning Checklist – Lista de Limpeza

*** This is list was created by Erica Winter and it is based on a list found on Martha Stewart's website.  It's been adapted for Brazil and translated.  Please feel free to use it. ***
Daily – Diário
□ Make Beds – Fazer as camas
□ Manage Clutter – Guardar objetos, brinquedos e roupa
□ Clean as You Cook – Limpa enquanto cozinha
□ Sweep & Mop Floors – Varrer e passar pano no chão
□ Empty trash bins – Esvaziar latas de lixo

Three Per Week – Tres Vezes por Semana
□ Clean bathrooms – limpar banheiros
□ Vacuum floors – Passar aspirador nos tapetes (muito cuidado com as franjas dos tapetes persas)
□ Dust surfaces, furniture, objects, & light fixtures – Tirar pó de todos os objetos, lustres & usar lustra moveis onde for madeira

Weekly - Semanal
□ Change bath mats, towels, & washcloths – Trocar toalhas & tapetes de chão
□ Empty trash and wipe the insides bins – Lavar latas de lixo
□ Wipe mirrors – limpar espelhos
□ Change sheets – Trocar a roupa de cama
□ Discard foods past prime – Limpar geladeira & tirar comida vencida
□ Wipe surfaces & kitchen cabinets– Limpar a cozinha inclusive dentro dos armários
□ Wipe the inside of the oven & toaster – Limpar forno & torradoreira
□ Dust the tops & spines of books, shelves – Tirar pó de livros e estantes
□ Wipe windows & glass surfaces – limpar vidros

Monthly – Por Mês
□ Wipe baseboards and moldings – limpar rodapés, cantos de parede e teto
□ Wipe insides of medicine cabinets – limpar dentro dos armários de åbanheiro
□ Launder duvet covers & mattress pads – lavar acolchoados, e protetores de colchões 
□ Dust shelves & storage bins – tirar pó dos armários de roupa
□ Discard food in the freezer past its prime – descongelar o freezer e tirar comida vencida 

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