Sunday, 16 October 2011

Awesome curry delivery in Sao Paulo

We have had curries from Sabores da India a few times already and they are excellent, as good as a curry you'll find in India or in the UK! Exactly what you need on a rainy Sunday night in Sao Paulo.... 

They need 3-4 hours for 4 people, or 12 hours notice for a bigger party.Their contact details are 85569779 / 32537671,

  • VEG SAMOSAS: R$ 1.75/unit
  • CHICKEN SAMOSAS: R$ 2.50/unit   
  • DHOKLA: (Gram flour, curd, Mustard seed & curry leaves prepared by process of fermenting and cooking on vapors).R$ 40/kg and a kilo will have 55 pieces
  • CHICKEN TIKKA: (boneless chicken marinated in curd and spices) R$ 50/kg and a kilo would have 40 pieces
  • VEG PAKODA: ( Assorted Vegetables deep-fried with Gram flour coating) R$ 0.50/ unit
  • KACHORI: (Puffed Bread stuffed with green peas) R$1.70/ unit

All Snacks are accompanied and one or two type of  INDIAN CHUTNEY’S, Tamarind+ Dates Chutney, Coriander + Coconut chutney,& Mint + Coriander Chutney…………..
Main course:
BIRYANI a Royal dish of the Nizams and the Nawabs, this dish originate in Persia and recently after giving the perfection is served in Sao Paulo by Chef Deepali.

Biryani is prepared with various kinds of meats (i.e. Lamb, Chicken Beef) it’s cooked with Basmati Rice special long grain with aromatic flavor. The Biryani recipe is one of the time consuming preparation in our menu. The meat is marinated with curd and Spices for more than 4 hr and same is cooked for 2:30 hours on slow fire.

Ingredients & Spices like Cardamom Cinnamon Cumminseed Cloves Ginger Garlic Green Chillies Fried Onion & Coriander Leaves give the royal flavor to this dish.
  • PRAWN BIRYANI R$ 80/kg

** Per kg of Biryani is sufficient for 5 guests...
Curry Preparation. Curry are prepared from various sauces based such as Onion, Tomato, Cashew Nut paste and few one are coconut and Cream based. Blended with special spices
Meat Currys (Chicken and Lamb):
  • CHICKEN CURRY: R$ 45/kg
  • MUTTON CURRY: R$ 65/kg
  • CHICKEN KORMA: R$ 50/kg
  • BUTTER CHICKEN: R$ 50/kg
  • ROGHAN GHOST : R$ 65/kg
  • KEEMA MATAR: R$ 65/kg ( Minced Meat with Green pea)

Vegetarian Curry’s:
  • VEGETABLE CURRY: (assorted vegetables cooked in onion and tomato sauces along with special spices) R$ 40 /kg
  • PANEER KOFTA: (Cottage Chess prepared in Caju Paste with various special spices.) R$ 45 /kg
  • PANEER MASALA: (Cottage Chess cooked in onion & tomato sauces) R$ 45 /kg
  • BUTTER PANNER: (cottages marinated in yogurt and spices & cooked in Butter) R$ 50 /kg

  • ROTIS: (Handmade bread of Integral Wheat flour, salt and water) R$ 1.50 /kg
  • PARATHAS:         (Handmade bread of Integral Wheat flour, salt egg & Toasted in Butter.)  R$ 2.50 /unit
  • STUFF PARATHAS:  (Integral wheat flour, bread stuffed of various filling either it could be Potato, Cauliflower or Cabbage Toasted in Butter) R$ 5/ unit  

Very tempting and mouth watering after a sumptuous meal is always incomplete without sweet dish so chose any one to two of this below.
  • GULAB JAMUN: (Milk Balls soaked in Sugar Syrup) R$ 35 /kg have 25 units.
  • GAJJAR KA HALWA: (Carrot cooked in condense milk, topped with dry fruits)   R$ 35 /kg
  • RAS MALAI: (ricotta cheese, saffron, cardamom blanched almonds green pistachios) R$ 45 /kg
  • SHRIKHAND: (Sweet Golden Yogurt, prepared with nutmeg saffron chopped green pistachios) R$ 45 /kg

Thanking you

Deepali Bavaskar


  1. Excellent! Thanks! Where are they in Sao Paulo?

  2. They only do delivery - I believe she cooks out of her house. We now just need a good thai and mexican delivery!

  3. Ahh iam so jealous!! Rio doesn´t even have one good indian restaurant! :(

  4. There is one more option in Sao Paulo for fabulous authentic Indian food!
    Restaurante Madhu! They serve at their place in Augusta and delivers too.
    Their web site is

  5. thanks! had heard about them and going to try tomorrow!

  6. Suzi - We thought madhu was pretty good, authentic but not spicy enough for me. I guess they have moderated their food for brazilians! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Nice unique indian food collections!!!

    Indian Chutney